Hesher can be generally described as a grungy, long-haired person with a "still stuck in the '80s" image. Usually seen wearing leather motorcycle or denim jacket full of band patches, torn acid-washed jeans and an '80s rock t-shirt.

Likes to listen to some heavy metal tunes while riding an old school van. Charactirized by an outlaw attitude, probably drinks alcohol and smokes weed. Similar in appearance to a thrasher.
That hesher was constantly stage diving at the thrash gig last Friday.
by aaarn May 22, 2012
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Reebock-wearing, mulleted person in acid-washed jeans and a Judas Priest T-shirt who, at the age of 28, still lives in his/her parents' basement and swears that he/she can really rock out on his/her Ibanez Stratocaster copy guitar and probably owns a Nova that hasn't run in 5 years but you just wait, that fucker is gonna smoke those fuckin Japanese rice burners once I put a new head gasket on it.
When are those heshers going to realize that it's not 1989 anymore?
by Justin Scott August 22, 2003
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A grungy, long haired, plastic comb-brush in the back pocket stoner with an 80’s rock shirt. Sometimes, a little ‘off’ from the drug damage. Rides an adult sized BMX bike around town and knocks over trash cans by kicking out with his back tire.
We sold that hesher oregano! Look, he's acting like he's all stoned!

Wanted: Hard rocking, long haired, white trash stoner for air instrument Cover Band. Likes to ride BMX a +.
by \o|o/ April 6, 2006
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Long haired, usually mulleted person who listens and rocks out to Metal or Thrash music.Generally seen wearing acid-washed jeans, leather motorcycle or denim jacket covered with band and skull patches. Will often have a Molester Moustache
Damn, look at the Krokus backpatch on the greasy hesher!!!!
by pimphuge February 25, 2003
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Someone who smokes and drinks and loves metal.
by Bill Llib August 27, 2005
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1: (n.) A person infatuated with the heavy metal culture of America in the 1980s. Such individuals almost exclusively drop out of high school to join a pathetic cover band, wear Metallica T-shirts and leather pants, and are often found living at rock concerts or in their parents' basements. The only profession in which heshers are qualified to work is as waitstaff at a Hard Rock Cafe. Ironically, though many heshers are not old enough to have experienced the 1980s, they still collect obsolete vinyl records and have the terrible misconception that Motley Crue is still a popular band. The definition of hesher may partially coincide with the definitions of goth or baker. Etymology: derived from 'Hessian', referring to masculine Germanic mercenaries from Hesse. (These mercenaries were actually chill, unlike heshers, who likely were not even popular during the 1980s.)

2: (adj.) Of or relating to heshers or hesher culture. Also 'hessian'. (cf. the related concept 'emo'.)
Chill your tits! Just offer the heshers free beer to calm them down, then call animal control.

Holy crap, does that retarded 17-year-old who smells like cheap ganja actually have a blue mohawk, black skinny jeans, and a Kiss T-shirt? He's totals hesher!

Bro, if you keep going to Black Sabbath concerts, you might go hesher on me.
by chillr October 11, 2013
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- person whose only goal in life is to rock out with his cock out. also known for quoting beavis and butthead and dressing like them. can be spotted in grade school playgrounds in the evening showing 8 yr olds how to olly and smoke their daddies cigarettes
by dave January 19, 2005
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