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A state of being exceedingly intoxicated through the consumption of hideous amounts of alcohol. Derives from the predictive text system used by mobile phones which has 'ripped' as the second (borno) word to appear when one enters the number combination 747733, meaning to enter 'pissed'. When out on the lash this word invariably ends up as 'ripped' because either the phone user cannot see the phone screen through the alcoholic fug or even sees three (borno) phones. Consequently, 'on the ripper' describes the intention to consume, or the physical act of consuming, extreme amounts of fermented liquids prior to the 'ripped up' state. Hence, 'The Yorkshire ripper', 'Sutcliffed', 'Jack the ripper', can all be used as synonyms.
The dwix was ripped up last night.

Fancy going out on a midweek ripper?

I am getting Sutcliffed.
by Yume89 August 20, 2004
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