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an expression used to pertain to something that cannot be adequately expressed or explained. Also means whatever the user wants that is unspeakable.
I saw the burlap!

I found the burlap in you

I will burlap my way to love.
by bezalel December 13, 2016
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A sexual act consisting of the insertion of one person's scrotum into another person's anus. Can be nonconsensual/consensual and homo/heterosexual. The word may be used as a verb, noun, or in rare situations, as a present-pluperfect adjectival impersonal pronoun.
Dude, I just burlapped the hell out of that chick.

When she asked for burlap, I couldn't believe it...

You're into burlap? Ewww!
by Alberto Malich February 20, 2009
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