boots worn by the amry and police and many diffrent people. popular in the skinhead and punk culture. boots that are pretty high.
at the punk show, "dude those are some sick combat boots"

i tuck my pants in my combat boots.

by andy punx August 14, 2008
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combat boots are the official foot wear of bashers every where. it doesnt matter if your racist or anti-gay if your not wearing combat boots when you bash its only half cool
friend: hey wanna go gay bashing?

me: fuck yea! lemme get my combat boots
by Mr.Frankenstein February 13, 2009
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A military shoe, often used in combat, that is worn exstensively by civilians, especially ones who want to exude a 'tough' or 'untouchable' exterior.
That kid thinks he's so tough, with his combat boots and spike collar...
by Mackenzie Gallagher September 28, 2008
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the best army boot alive.!
halle berry remix:
combat boot combat boot they walk iht

like a soilder hands on ya hip stomp the ground iht aint nuthin buht aye boot.!
by D0PE_KIDD May 20, 2009
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Classic adidas shoes with three stripes. Usually black or navy blue. As seen worn by volunteer fighters on both sides of the Ukraine front.
I see you're rockin those Ukranian combat boots today.
by Cpt. Nemo March 17, 2019
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Setting up personal boundaries with another person, particularly when you've been disrespected up to that point. Combat boots are needed to kick some ass. These combat boots are often worn by women to put another woman in her place.
His ex-girlfriend keeps showing up when we go out and trying to get his attention, next time we go out I'm wearing my combat boots.

He's bringing that bimbo to our kids parent-teacher conference. She has no business there. I'm coming too and I'll be wearing combat boots.
by Harmony08 September 15, 2010
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