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A person exhibiting severe ignorance and inability to comprehend simple ideas. Derived from the 90's insult "dingleheimer".
"This heimer just came into my computer shop and asked for a cable for his 'immodium'."

"My friend just asked if there was a trick to flushing my toilet. What a heimer."
by andrewc513 May 20, 2010
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1. Noun: A girl who plays a guy while she has no real interest in him. Heimer's will often hit on multiple men at once and often hide the fact they have a boyfriend.
2.Verb: To play a guy, or to steal something
1. That chick was hitting on me all night and the whole time she had a bf, she is a total heimer.

2. I was hitting my juul last night and somebody snagged it from my pocket, i was totally heimed
by benlinus February 18, 2019
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