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adjective--sexually arousing.
"The way he touches me is soooooo purcell"

"That is totally purcell"
by supremehighlander July 08, 2006
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Often referred to as the "Mer Man" or the "Chinese Sasquatch" a Purcell is a rare, mysterious creature, that is closely related to Big Foot. Purcells are native to the Ozark region of southern Missouri and are often spotted near rivers or campgrounds. They are known for their distinctive "mer mer mer" call which is believed to be either a mating call or battle cry. Although Purcells are seemingly dangerous they are in fact harmless and can be domesticated to be strong workers due to their ability to lift over 300 pounds. If approached by a "merring" Purcell, it is best to simply "mer" back at it and slowly walk away without making eye contact.
Did you here that mer? A Purcell must be near.

Don't take boxed wine camping, it only attracts Purcells.

Never mess with a Purcell Kyle.

Katie and Steve tried to tame the wild Purcell, but their lack of experience coupled with the intensity of the merring made the feat virtually impossible.

Abby and Bryan took their mer calls and binoculars and went Purcell watching for a weekend getaway.
by BK22 May 26, 2010
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