I term used to define a drug trip, usually for 'hard core' drugs such as Exstacy and Cough Syrup
She was rollin on E at his party, thats why she was so crazy.
by caitZ August 31, 2005
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a term by used by ravers under the influence of ecstacy. similiar to thizzin in bay area,ca.
i was hella rollin last night at the club.
by mobbology June 5, 2006
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The term used when reffering to someperson high on ecstacy
I was rollin balls last night at freak night!
by drewewrd November 12, 2006
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If you’re having fun, looking cool, or doing something adventurous, you can use the word rollin.
“Hey, do you see that guy over there on that big ramp? He’s rollin.”

“Dude I was rollin last night, you should’ve seen it. I was playing truth or dare with some friends over and it got insane!”
by seventhheaven May 11, 2020
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them yellow donkeys and gators get ya mind right, them pink bitches, they gon have you rollin all night
by jiggalatin4life November 21, 2007
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to be on ecstacy or another drug that trips you out.
I popped 2 tabs & I was rollin hard!
by Ashleygarcia December 25, 2006
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