a deer is a mammal that primarily lives in north america. they mainly eat sasquatch and aliens. 97% of the deer population is suicidal. their favourite way of suicide to to hop in front of cars. Every July 5th the remaining population get together and drink until they cant stand.
Jill, stop. the deer is already dead.
No! he's just drunk.
by Nickaliszious January 1, 2009
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It is a animal that has horns on its head. It makes no noise and likes to run infront of cars.
Hunny, Watch out for the...Deer!
by Justin Willis May 9, 2005
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a deer is a stupid animal that makes no noise and jumps in cars alot (beware the deer's brain shut off after a hour of thinking like a normal animal)
Shut up you deer!
by Sexy nonce January 31, 2020
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when something happens to someone to make them feel like a deer in headlights;to screw someone over
did you eat the last piece of pizza?
ya dude.
bruh, you deered me.
by mikefloccari December 14, 2008
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The only animal in Command and Conquer game. It moves like a deer (or dancing deer), really sucks and it is the most OP commando among all 3 factions. Can take any structures or enemy units. Although it looks like an animal, it can be "REPAIRED" in the war factory :P
Omg this deer really sucks, 2 sniper squads didn't kill this op motherfucker, ay my goooosh
by [deer] Sucks February 1, 2008
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A very plastic busty female in heels so high that she totters, almost falling over. Commonly also has bleach blond hair and lipo waist. South Beach, man.
Look! Two deer in bikinis are coming this way!
by wapiti April 15, 2004
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Dude 1:Hey dude did you get the deer?

Dude 2:Yeah why?
Dude 1:Cause i'm ready to roast that shit up nigga!
Dude 2:Word nigga!
by Deerman420 January 11, 2010
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