The Outhouse sure smells! Someone didnt do their job today.
by xd6942069420 February 19, 2019
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A place where rednecks go to take a shit.
Some rednecks in the south still use an outhouse.
by Brewski. August 16, 2009
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When a man shits directly into a woman's vagina resulting in sexual arousal for both.
Friend 1 - "Oh man...that chick I picked up at the bar last night asked if I would give her the outhouse."
Friend 2 - "So did you?"
Friend 1 - "Let's just say I was glad we went back to her place and not mine."
by GoofProof187 March 16, 2021
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Where you spent your wedding night. I don't know if it was the smell or what, but she got banged up that night.
Why are you in my outhouse? Get out of my outhouse! Out I said!! I say it is my outhouse and I am the proud owner of it!
by Esa4 February 2, 2021
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A place to retreat for quiet contemplation for as long as you can hold your breath.
"Damn! I went to the outhouse because I THOUGHT I had to pinch a loaf.."
by theNbomr July 6, 2005
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The act of shitting on top of another shit in a toilet
"Man your toilet was plugged so me and buddy had to outhouse"
by Pete Za September 24, 2003
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