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Overly excited in a sexual manner. See also horny.
Do I make you randy, baby? Do I?
by Matthew Darke February 18, 2003
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Randy is a very sweet guy who stays true and faithful in a relationship. You're lucky if you ever meet a Randy because they are the best kinds of guys out there. They're the type of boyfriends who piss you off but then won't leave you alone until they make you smile. He has a true heart and is always there for you. All of the girls that know him, like him but he only has one girl in mind. He is very cute and always has a special smell to him. If you ever meet a Randy, you will never forget him.
Girl: Dang that boy Randy is cute
Boy: Yeah but he has a girlfriend and he stays faithful
Girl: Dang, I wish I was dating him he's so kind and sweet
Boy: Yeah he's a real keeper
by AliQ January 05, 2013
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Randys are never random and usually very handsome. They just loooove the smell of new cars, guitar woods and beautiful, young, virgin girls. Randys enjoy turning all their friends girlfriends on and then when the gals make advances, telling them, "Nah, sorry, bros before hos, sweetie pie, be faithful to your man!" It's common knowledge that they can GO ALL NIGHT when necessary and never need Viagra or Cialis. Most Randys go for quality over quantity, are true to the woman they love and will wait years for the right one to come along, instead of just ploinking any ol' skank that has an itch needing scratching. They are known for making women moist with their silky, smooth voices and charismatic style. A true Randy will make sure that his lover (wife) gets hers (sometimes 2 or 3 times) before getting his. A gentleman in every way, but he WILL get a little funky with you, if that's what your into! Randys are not prudes, nor are they perverts...but the name DOES apply. They are caring, loving, hard working individuals but also enjoy playtime, long walks on the beach and general laziness and relaxation. Randys do not require excessive amounts of food, sleep, alcohol or pain medication. Real Randys love God, Jesus and spreading The Word...if they can find anyone to listen.
Look at that guy over there with no underwear and the silly dog that doesn't care. Think he's a Randy?
No way, that must be a Dan or Gerard or something. Randy is hanging out over there talking to all the hot chicks!
by The Mofo of Elu!!! April 19, 2017
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Always finds a way to make you laugh, has a good personality, knows how to a good time, really random, prefectionist would do anything to put a smile on your face, gives wonderful kisses, loved by many and hated by others. A type of guy a girl wishes she had.
Let it be known... I love Randy always and forever
OMG, Randy is a great guy!
by whocanitbe? February 03, 2010
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a really sweet boy who always seems to amaze people with his kindness. he knows the right things to say and always at the perfect time. when he walks into a room he puts a smile on everyone's face. he can be kinda dorky sometimes, but it makes him even more cute. you will never find anyone... ANYONE like him. and yeaa, he is kinda horny ;)

Randy: nooooo!
by cassie lynn July 24, 2010
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