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a figurative drink representing a modality of thought. those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity which with they speak.
damn bro, quit doming yourself on haterade. (see to the dome)
by Lu Xiangshang July 24, 2003
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β€œThat show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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A trace vitamin that restores your ability to continue hating long after most people would give it up.
I had no more energy for hating the deserving bastard. So I bought a six pack of haterade and continued all thru the night
by Holly Trunk March 30, 2004
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A bevarage comsumed by haters to refuel their hating campabilities.
Suzy was hating on Jeromiah, so I asked, "Suzy, have you been sippin on that Haterade?"
by Corin August 28, 2003
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noun; a fictional beverage, parodying the popular sports drink 'gatorade', purportedly consumed by individuals who are jealous of others, supposidly fueling their ability to be jelous of, or 'hate on', others.
Damn, B, quit hittin' on dat haterade and let a playa' play.
by jewpunk February 18, 2005
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1:The metaphorical drink that gives haters their ability to hate, just like Gatorade give athletes the fluids to compete physically. Combined by mixing the words "hater" and "gatorade". Hatorade is metaphorically the color "green" with envy.
2: the act of hating. sometimes called "drinking hateorade"

Hey asshole! Stop drinking that haterade and get your own bitch, you hating bastard!
by ObliQ October 16, 2007
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A drink consumed by haters that quenches their thirst after a hard day's work of player hating
Person 1: Yo why does he get to drive an Escalade when i have to drive this broke ass car.

Person 2: Damn homie you just opened up a bottle of Haterade...
by GB Sage November 07, 2007
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