4 definitions by Lu Xiangshang

Juxtaposed to the affluent ignorance of Palo Alto, and permenantly located in the REAL WORLD, East Palo Alto is home to blunts, bitches, boughties, and biffs. Also the home of the greatest deal on earth, Two-fo-da-bideen ro. Kavanaugh,
I dont know about no president with no dog, ro. Goin to war n shit in Iraq ro. I dont know. I be Fightin my wo, every damn day, on the streets of EPA.
by Lu Xiangshang October 30, 2003
verb, to consume excessively to the point where one must regurgitate
Dome yourself on books. Quit doming that haterade.
by Lu Xiangshang July 25, 2003
a figurative drink representing a modality of thought. those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity which with they speak.
damn bro, quit doming yourself on haterade. (see to the dome)
by Lu Xiangshang July 25, 2003
I must get after my paypa chase.
by Lu Xiangshang July 25, 2003