A term used to catch someone attention when you don't know their name
by Awele July 12, 2005
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a loud yell in order to gain the attention of other people
by Da' Hamma November 28, 2003
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Refreing to the Shakespearin text in which Ay mean yes.
Romeo-Is she a capulet?
Romeo-Ay, she is. Now i cannot love her, But i am.
by fhdjksf October 26, 2005
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Something a shia paki would say to get his friend's attention.
Ay Ahmed, I love my economics teacher braithewaite.
by NotAShia2 November 27, 2010
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Spanish paralinguistic feature of communication. Employed when no words are capable of conveying the frustration, anger or general absurdity of the situation.
by Lexy May 18, 2004
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an expression used when feeling someone has done a very idiotic thing.
"that boi just fell off a rock"
"aye aye aye"
by anexika August 22, 2006
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