An expression used when someone is hatin' or dissin' you
Someone just drink they haterade!?
by chvilicek6 July 05, 2009
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Additive to prepared food that makes it taste like your mother-in-law's cooking
My husband yearned for his mother's meatloaf, so to please him I added a bit of haterade.
by Holly Trunk March 30, 2004
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A non-hater being surrounded by a lot of haters
I was just sitting with some of my friends when these posers came and forced me some hater-ade.
by ~*sWeEt*~ November 12, 2005
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A person who's gossiping drank haterade
omg,did u
see that chick's
ass?WHy did you drink
by rafarocks August 23, 2007
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haterade, an adjective used to describe an attention whore.
girl 1: o m g, kelly is being such a haterade.
girl 2: tell me about it.
by burnbrigade123 October 02, 2015
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1. The energy drink consumed by winners who know they have a lot of haters around them.

2. A figurative drink that is used to protect you from haters.
I need to keep hydrated with my haterade.

I need my haterade for all of these haters in here?
by NOPH Co. March 28, 2017
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