Something that alot of people sip on, that makes them jealous of others (hatin')
When some one is jealous of your basketball skillz they haven't been drinking Gaterade,they've been drinking Haterade
by Mike November 03, 2003
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Haterade is a drink shared by groups of haters in order to bond over mutual mindless hate. Whereas one would traditionally 'drink the Kool-Aid', haters prefer to 'drink the Haterade'. Haterade is a useful mind-control tool for haters who wish to create more haters and thus spread even more hate.
Hater: Once these people drink the Haterade I'll have an army of haters to do my bidding!

Person One: Have you seen Jen's ring? She got engaged on the weekend and I hear that Ron gave her a perfect 2 carat solitaire! They're really happy together.
Person Two: pffff who is she trying to impress? She'll be divorced in a month anyway. Hope they're not getting married in a church cos I can't see how they're going to fit her giant ass down that narrow little aisle. I'm really surprised she fooled someone into putting a ring on her stumpy little sausage finger.
Person One: Oh, I see... so you've been 'drinking the Haterade'? Must taste pretty bitter.
by meeoowww September 30, 2013
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A drink that after it has been drank will make you become a surly person and hate those around you. symptoms of the drink may include: surlyness, hatefulness towards others, becoming a rat, loss of friends, and the new nick name of debbie downer
your in a div b soccer intramural league and you are in the playoffs. you have to play a team that is good so what do you do. drink a bottle of haterade. it makes you a surly mother f%^&er so you decide to rat the other team out for having players from the university team on the intramural team. Hence this is defined as drinking a bottle of haterade
by Cougar Bait 04 December 05, 2006
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(noun) - a theoretical beverage that, when sipped, causes a person to continually hate on other people's good fortune

Co-worker 1 compliments co-worker 2's blouse. As they are talking about the superior craftsmanship of the blouse, a third co-worker enters the conversation and exposes that the blouse is actually a knock-off version of a very expensive blouse she saw at a high end retailer in LA. Co-worker 1 then replies to co-worker 3 with the following sentence:

"Daaaang, why you been sippin' on the haterade!?"
by Space Case in Yo Face March 05, 2009
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New energy drink that causes negative "tude" (attitude)
toward others. Especially effective with ex-spouses, mother-in-laws or those you are jealous of!
"You are awfully angry and spiteful, have you been sippin the haterade? In a more extreme situation they would be said to
chuggin the haterade! And the most severe of all cases would refer to straight-shottin the haterade!
by G Hayashi October 29, 2006
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An alcoholic beverage, consisting of vodka mixed in equal proportions to prepared Gatorade sports drink. May alternately be created with large amounts of vodka, Kool-Aid or other drink powder, and possibly water for those with weaker constitutions.
Frank got totally wasted on Haterade last night.
by dethbunny February 01, 2006
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People be sippin this when the hatin cause they ain't got that pimp juice like u do. See marks
He been sippin that haterade ever since i shook his laces off his forces on the court...
by J-Ice April 29, 2005
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