a metaphorical drink that haters sip on.
signs of abuse of haterade are;
1. Cock-blocking
2. Shit talking
3. Playa hating
Ay keep sippin' on your haterade, dumbass hater
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
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a figurative drink to re-energize chronic haters.
She be hatin' on people so much that she had to take haterade in order to continue.
by L.J. Stewart August 08, 2003
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A typical imaginary drink used to describe when someone is "hating" on someone.It typically comes in 3 flavors. Jealousy, Envy, and Retardation.
"I just got an amazing new car.! Isn't it wonderful?"
"I bet it gets crappy mpg."
"Pff, whatever.Go sip your haterade somewhere else."
by TheTangyZebra August 07, 2008
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Haterade is a drink shared by groups of haters in order to bond over mutual mindless hate. Whereas one would traditionally 'drink the Kool-Aid', haters prefer to 'drink the Haterade'. Haterade is a useful mind-control tool for haters who wish to create more haters and thus spread even more hate.
Hater: Once these people drink the Haterade I'll have an army of haters to do my bidding!

Person One: Have you seen Jen's ring? She got engaged on the weekend and I hear that Ron gave her a perfect 2 carat solitaire! They're really happy together.
Person Two: pffff who is she trying to impress? She'll be divorced in a month anyway. Hope they're not getting married in a church cos I can't see how they're going to fit her giant ass down that narrow little aisle. I'm really surprised she fooled someone into putting a ring on her stumpy little sausage finger.
Person One: Oh, I see... so you've been 'drinking the Haterade'? Must taste pretty bitter.
by meeoowww September 30, 2013
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Play on the word "Gatorade." Supposedly the favorite drink of all jealous bitches.
LVD: "Hey you think you're the shit, don't you?"
ME: "Yo, anybody thirsty? This bitch's got a WHOLE FRICKEN' COOLER full of haterade!"
by prodigy III September 01, 2006
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A figurative beverage that one may mention during a time of someone's jealous actions.
Damm! Why you sippin' on that haterade dawg!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
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