A superfuel sports drink. Normally consumed during aerobic exercise, Gatorade rehydrates and replenishes your body with carbohydrates, salts, vitamins, and minerals.
Drinking Gatorade helped me snapped the tape at the long endurance run. It sure beats that nasty waster I've been drinking.
by Gearbox July 20, 2005
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dude, i drank some gatorade before the game and i was ballin so hard!
by warriorslax16 March 15, 2007
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A useful liquid that can be used as a sports drink, hydrator, or as toilet bowl cleaner
Pour some gatorade in the toilet.
I need to buy some more gatorade.
by Billiam Beaver July 26, 2016
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best drink in the whole entire world. if you ask me, lemon-lime is the best flavour.
here's a dollar twenty-five now STFU and go buy me a gatorade
by snootch87 March 1, 2005
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a liquid that can, when contained within an aluminum can and smashed against a level surface with signifigant force, create a substantial spray radius of about three lunchroom tables.
Damn, did you see Coffee smash that gatorade can today at lunch? It really pissed off Mr. Nichols...Coffee's in deep shit now.
by Flicka the White May 3, 2005
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when you see a hot girl who can quench your thirst for booty
Damn there is a lot of gatorade around here

by beastieboy20 September 26, 2006
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Water, just in assorted colors. Also the shittiest drink known to man besides any organic anal fluid extract.
by LFAdd May 19, 2007
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