A speciality drinks for haters to keep them hating.

If a normal person drinks the hatoraide they are overcome by jealousy and start hating hard.

Don't drink the hatoraide.
Klay Thompson: "Hey, Lebron's been talking shit about you all season."

Steph Curry: "Yeah, he's been chugging the hatorade big time.
by loreto June 2, 2016
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a figurative drink a hater may thirst for and share. Generally used when someone hops on the bandwagon to hate on someone or something. - same word different spelling (haterade)
Tim must've had a tall glass of hatorade, cause he went off on that new Usher trax.
by vveerrgg May 3, 2005
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An imaginary beverage that one sips or drinks to become someone that hates others, typically of a specific group.
Man, stop sippin' that Hatorade, and start lovin' your fellow man.
by roofdiddla July 20, 2011
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Someone who seems to get hydrated off of hating people.
That guy is such a Hatorade and he just made Martha shit herself.
by Adolfloda September 2, 2007
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Drinking a tall glass of Hatorade is what you do when you become a commercial success and are accused of being a sellout by those who remain unsuccessful and therefore jealous. It's very refreshing!
"Just because I'm famous, you don't need to make me feel like drinkin' a Hatorade!"
by gaillymac October 13, 2006
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A particular flavor of hatorade, especially popular in NorCal. Tastes like sour grapes from Sonoma.
Maryann keeps a bottle of Socal Hatorade at her desk. When she can rant no more about the evils of Orange County, she takes a long deep drink, feels recharged, and goes off again about those socal bitches.
by MGDude May 16, 2007
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1)drunk or slightly drunk on hate over something stupid
2)hating something or someone hard
3)Hating with jealousy on someone or something
4)hating something or what a person gets or has
Trevor: Man I wanted those Jordans and he got them for free.
Travis: Yo, man quit getting tipsy on the hatorade! Just be glad you got some shoes!
by Alicia S. October 23, 2005
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