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-The act of successfully bringing home a woman equal to or greater than your own body weight in desperation at the end of a long drunken night of being rejected by more attractive and better-endowed women. After successfully completeting this task, a man will be granted his license to harpoon and may continue to indulge in this difficult task.
The greatest of harpooning feats is referred to as a moby dick
Kyle: Dude I boned a hottie last night.
Disgusted friend: MAN, she was a whale, but you've earned your harpooning license
Kyle:I wondered why she wanted the lights off
by metrosexualbastard August 16, 2006
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It's when you go out to the bars with the intent to bring home a women that resembles a whale. Usually you are in a drunk state of mind or you might just be into big women. In any case get out that harpoon and nab yourself a fatty.
Tonight is going to be a great night I'm going harpooning downtown.
by Joseph horn October 05, 2009
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The act of impaling ones Sexual organ into a prospective partner of an overly plump nature.
Sex with a fat bird.
by paul edwards May 19, 2004
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When you are having a night out and out of all the fish in the sea, you end up with a whale.
Friend1: So are you going to put on your beer goggles and go harpooning for the whales like last time?
Friend2: Fuck you..
by aksdfhksajdhfksadf June 12, 2013
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the act of having sex while one of the fornicators plays the harp, the ultimate in erotic classiness
We were harpooning when her father walked in, he was proud that the harp lessons paid off...
by BGOFTACH March 07, 2010
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Incessantly tickling or poking in order to provoke squirming and giggling. Harpooning usually occurs when it is least expected; while watching a movie, chatting, swimming, making out, or kayaking.
Jack (sneakily): I'm going to harpoon you!
Caitlin (unawares): No! No! No! No harpooning!
by Jorge Patteson October 31, 2010
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