A term used for a person who has a very easy job who usually doesn't have to work hard. In most cases, the person also makes good money at doing very little.
Janitor: Hey, Easy Money. How are you tonight?
Engineer: Just slavin' for Da Man. How are you?
Janitor: Another day in paradise.

by Almighty_AL May 4, 2006
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to make money without working for it; making money without a job
i just made some easy money for selling my neighbors ps2
by anotherwhitekid June 23, 2005
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noun - a male or female that is effortless to hook up with.
That girl I got with last night was some easy money.
by Tim Strong March 23, 2011
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1) A job that involves little effort but pays well

2) A simple task

1) A Lawyer

2) Student: 'I cheated and found out all the answers for that exam tomorrow'

Mate: 'Easy money'

by AJ Dub March 19, 2007
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Used when something is easy

Used when something is complete
Originated in PA
Lucas made the shot and said "Easy Money."
This is easy money.
by Tyyy to yo yo yo November 12, 2014
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When Retired Boxer Floyd Mayweather Made more than $200,000,000.00 After Beating 0/0 record "Professional" boxer (Conor McGregor). This is known as "Easy Money"
Damn Floyd Made How much for fighting that fraud ??? 200 MILLION!!! Damn that's some Easy Money!
by Null` August 27, 2017
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The items you acheive when shoplifting.
by Hibbity Hib November 14, 2007
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