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The pinacle of the act of harpooning, in which the woman being harpooned is in excess of twice the harpooners own body weight.
Friend: Man, was boning a fatty really worth breaking your ribs for?
Friend 2: hell yes, I harpooned my moby dick, my life is complete
by metrosexualbastard August 16, 2006
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a euphemism for male masturbation
usually a "quicky"

Guy:man it doesnt take that long to wash your hands, you poppin' one off?
Other guy: it's only been 2 minutes
by metrosexualbastard August 17, 2006
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-The act of successfully bringing home a woman equal to or greater than your own body weight in desperation at the end of a long drunken night of being rejected by more attractive and better-endowed women. After successfully completeting this task, a man will be granted his license to harpoon and may continue to indulge in this difficult task.
The greatest of harpooning feats is referred to as a moby dick
Kyle: Dude I boned a hottie last night.
Disgusted friend: MAN, she was a whale, but you've earned your harpooning license
Kyle:I wondered why she wanted the lights off
by metrosexualbastard August 16, 2006
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A being of superiority, not quite human, but not all machine. Usually a brown man with a british accent and a PHD in mindblowing and a master's degree in wooing.
Sometimes possesses powers of growing webbed feet and flying.
Bains: Hello, I am Dr. Bains (english accent)
Hot slut: ooooooh, a doctor?
Bains: yes
by metrosexualbastard August 24, 2006
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-A variation of fool of a took directed at a person of asian descent, or a white man of extreme incompetence.
-Also used as an angry outburst and statement of hatred as a result of a loss in competition.
B-rod: (Smug look) yeaah 20-1
Angry Clift: Fool of a gook...
by metrosexualbastard August 22, 2006
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