1)A creepy movie about pedophiles

2)The act of secducing a man, particularly a pedophile, only to knock him out and castrate/ kill him.
Elaine was hot, but then she gave me a hard candy, but at least she let me keep my left nut.
by Robby Davis January 15, 2007
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Doesn't seem as tough as nails.
Guy 1- You think you're hard candy the way you were eyeballin me don't you?
Guy 2- I think I'm hard candy?
by Schoolboy Peter March 21, 2018
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something a girl can either suck on until its all gone or bite and get to the juicy part...oh yea she has to take off the wrapper before she can enjoy the "candy."
boy:hey girl wanna get some hard candy?
girl: do you have cream filling?
boy: of course...what are you doing? AHHHHHH
by Bros Call Me DP September 11, 2006
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