Yvette, she is an amazing person in the whole world. She lovable,caring,and her smile makes everyone's day. She could be a brat sometimes,but just know she yours if you are dating her. If you are dating her don't leave her. You will feel regret. You would be leaving the greatest gift in life. I know that might sound too exaggerating but it's true. If she hates you it's becuz you hurt her feelings. She doesn't like people hurting her feelings. I can't forget Yvette is beautiful,smart,and talented. She always there to listen, a true friend indeed her eyes reveal her integrity and her inner beauty she strives to achieve the best in life. Everyone loves Yvette if you don't there something wrong because she is the most wonderful person in the whole world.
Yvette I love you
by F4c15 February 22, 2019
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A very funny beautiful girl with(light brown hair)amazing friend to all :)she is the most funnest girl to hangout with on weekendshe always speaks what she want’s and is a very smart woman she can be very pretty and usually small not always tall :( but is not always the person to mess with in a fight :|
Being a woman name Yvette is being a girl that love her family&friends
by Yvette aria largely October 23, 2018
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Very happy and bubbly person. CRAZY at most times. She has lots of friends. Loves pulling tricks. Doesn't mind talking to strangers. If you see her befriend her before she's gone. Who knows she might talk you into the craziest crap!
by 222paint222 July 13, 2017
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Yvette, a young and very attractive woman. So down to earth, sweet, warm hearted, & one of the most amazingest people you will ever meet. Just looking at an Yvette brings a smile to your face. So beautiful , curvy , sexy lips , baby teeth that are so adorable , beautiful brown hair, & a smile that'll just warm you up. Yvette's are known for being loving & nurturing. Although they can be brats at times, when you have one, she's your brat remember that. The type of girl that loves to play flight , the type of girl that's always real , & most of all my that's my type of girl.
" Yvette, I love you. "
by Storiess September 8, 2013
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She is a shy girl but once you get to know her she opens up. She is sweet most of the time but sometimes she can get upset really easily. She looks for guys that love to hug and cuddle. She likes to get gifts every once in awhile. If she has a guy and that he guy is you just treat her well. She deserves well.
I wish I had a girl like yvette
by Lovelife03 September 17, 2017
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Yvette is not fake she doesn't carry that gene. If you befriend her She is loyal and true, not a lying passive aggressive two face cunt. And if you knock her down stab her in the back n rub her face in the dirt and then , AND THEN whaaaaaat expect whaaaaat?! an acquaintance to get up please not even acquaintances do that. She's can't tollorate fake lying fuck faces that act like they friends but really just tryna fuck someone for a buck. Fake friend, Fake family, Fake faggots that call themselves BF. Please she see right through you. She hate acquaintances that go around lying and tryna act.like a friend then be like OMG she backstabed me I was the best acquaintance she ever had. Bitch Yvette don't do acquaintances. Either you a friend or you NOT.
Respect, Loyalty and love is earned; not taken.

All the shit u talk bout Yvette u should just call yourself L.i.n.o. cause that's where u stand with Yvette when u a double crossing two faced fake murdering lip flapping fag.
by FatAlBert@SWAmPville☆ February 13, 2018
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An Yvette is a gorgeous young woman. She is kindhearted and loving. She is selfless and compassionate. An Yvette will always be supportive of her friends and family. She has a great personality and great body. This kind of girl is never single for long. Her outstanding sexual skills keep her and her boyfriend satisfied. You can always rely on an Yvette.
Have you seen Yvette? I'm in the mood for some eye-candy!
by Lilmissflexi April 4, 2011
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