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North Side slang for crystal methamphetamine
Conejo: Carnal: Mad heads be askin' for water and no one's got any of that shit!

Delito: Patience mijo! That shit's still wet and it's gotta sit! It's gonna be here tomorrow. Give 'em some of that moon stuff for the time being.
by ZXY&ABC July 20, 2019

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To cut someone out of a transaction (e.g. drug deal, embezzlement, etc.).
Minerva: I was involved with embezzlement and he was too. But I wasn't gonna back door him and cut him out!
by ZXY&ABC July 22, 2019

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Ex. 1

“I'm from the South Side, 30s. I'm talking bout the Rich ass. I ain't trippin off no money cuz I get it out of bitch ass. These bitch as niggas speakin' on me. But I'm gonna flip 'em. When that K-ter starts sparking it get to jumpin' but I'm a gonna grip em.” Laz Tha Boy, 'South Side Richmond'

Ex. 2

Sparky: Hey homey! Them Young Narfers be popin' off mad rounds at 3 a.m.! How do you sleep at night?

Salty: With my K-ter tight and my nose full of white!
by ZXY&ABC March 04, 2020

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A Mexican Mafia euphemism for being whacked.
Ex. 1

"There was a time where Mexican Mafia gangsters operated in this aura of secrecy. People on the streets would not dare speak openly about the fellas for fear of being sent to Brazil."

- Disregard Status Explained, Mundo Mendoza, July 4, 2020

Ex. 2

Sleepy: Hey fool! Huero Weasel just rolled it up! He rang the bell in the program office!

PeeWee: You mean just like savag3 studi0s?

Sleepy: Exactly! He rang it. It went 'Ding!' and he said, 'I'm a bitch!'

PeeWee: That no good rat just punched his ticket to SNY!

Sleepy: And he's gonna get sent to Brazil!
by ZXY&ABC July 07, 2020

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Special Needs Yard. California prison yards for inmates deemed no good because of bad paperwork, funny charges, dropping out, snitching, etc. Certain prisons in California are all-SNY (e.g., Mule Creek).
Ex. 1

"The sick part about it is that guy is probably a heavy duty popular guy on the SNY yard...And people wonder why people like me and you can't see ourselves going to some freakin' SNY yard. How can you program with those people? How can you not kill them?"

J.D. Rutherford, Prison Break Raw, May 31, 2020

Ex. 2

Lazy: Hey homey! Savag3 just rang the bell! It went 'DING'! He's just won a one-way trip to SNY!

Creeper: I knew that guy had some funny paperwork!

Lazy: Yeah. He got busted committing lewd acts on surveillance camera at a Walmart in Yucca Valley! You shoulda seen the look on the llavero's face when he read that shit! They threw his ass off the tier 'American Me' style.

Creeper: He'll be an SNY celebrity among all them diaper snipers, necrophiliacs, and rats!
by ZXY&ABC July 14, 2020

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North Side slang for Gilroy, California.
Ex. 1:

In May 2013, Corporal Lamonte Toney encountered defendant and noted defendant’s tattoos: “East Side Gilroy” on his back, “Gilas” and “408” on his forearm, a “four dots” tattoo near his left hand, and a “one dot” tattoo near his right hand. (P. v. Ruiz, Sixth Appellate Court, Oct. 30, 2019)

Ex. 2:

Chuco: Odelay vato! I need to get at the homey Shakes the Clown! That fool owes me some moonstuff!

Pelon: You'll need a gas mask bro! That fools from Gilas and always has that nasty ass garlic breath!
by ZXY&ABC November 01, 2019

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A form of punishment for prison inmates that involves non-stop transfers between correctional facilities on diesel buses.
Ex. 1

'That's diesel therapy. When you fuck up in the system, you'll end up on that bus and you won't get off that bus. Cuz they'll lose your paperwork. And you'll never been seen from again. Eventually you'll get off, but you won't know when the ride's gonna end.' J.D. Rutherford, Prison Break Raw, Sept. 4, 2019

Ex. 2

Darjon: Hey fool! I need to get at the homey Sweets! He has my fuck book!

Will Bop: You're too late. He got shipped out on the grey goose!

Darjon: What he do bro?

Will Bop: He was bustin' the female COs cheeks! The Warden found out and gave that fool Diesel Therapy! He was last seen somewhere between Chino and Pelican Bay!
by ZXY&ABC November 11, 2019

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