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Central Richmond, California rap label associated with Laz Tha Boy. It means:

1. All On Bitches
2. All Over Bitches
3. Some stuffy British acronym that means Any Other Business
Ex. 1

"Whew, let me catch my breath and GSF, AOB ENT, my nigga and we fresh to death. From the T’s to the 1 on down to 35th, it’s the same shit, 30s bitch. South side Richmond"

Laz Tha Boy, South Side Richmond

Ex. 2

Trey-Bob adjusts the angle of the scud missile. The crowd of Young Narfers hold K-ters, 0.50 rifles, grenade launchers, and bazookas.

TREY-BOP: When you fuck with Da Nolia, you're gonna get it!

SWEETS: Yo Central: It's A-O-B muthafuckas! All Over Bitches!

Trey-Bob presses the 'Fire' button. The scud missile fires up. The Young Narfers fire their weapons. The missile takes flight.

TREY-BOP: Any Other Business?

SWEETS: Negative. It's time to get All On Them Bitches!
by ZXY&ABC April 25, 2021
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Special Needs Yard. California prison yards for inmates deemed no good because of bad paperwork, funny charges, dropping out, snitching, etc. Certain prisons in California are all-SNY (e.g., Mule Creek).
Ex. 1

"The sick part about it is that guy is probably a heavy duty popular guy on the SNY yard...And people wonder why people like me and you can't see ourselves going to some freakin' SNY yard. How can you program with those people? How can you not kill them?"

J.D. Rutherford, Prison Break Raw, May 31, 2020

Ex. 2

Lazy: Hey homey! Savag3 just rang the bell! It went 'DING'! He's just won a one-way trip to SNY!

Creeper: I knew that guy had some funny paperwork!

Lazy: Yeah. He got busted committing lewd acts on surveillance camera at a Walmart in Yucca Valley! You shoulda seen the look on the llavero's face when he read that shit! They threw his ass off the tier 'American Me' style.

Creeper: He'll be an SNY celebrity among all them diaper snipers, necrophiliacs, and rats!
by ZXY&ABC July 14, 2020
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The standard Mexican Mafia tax on illicit proceeds in prison or on the street.
Ex. 1

Prosecutor: Are you familiar with the concept of thirds?

Boxer: Yes, thirds.

Prosecutor: What's that?

Boxer: Thirds is the standard tax on anybody, particularly for individuals coming into a prison setting. Anybody coming in with drugs or any illegal material, any contraband, they're required to give us a third, the Mexican Mafia members a third.

Rene 'Boxer' Enriquez, Testimony in USA v. Jaimez et al., September 12, 2018

Ex. 2

Boxer: I got an assignment for you. There's a trap house in Boyle Heights run by a dude named Nico. He's bragging about being tax free. It's on Matthews across the street from the high school--

Savage: --Isn't that the school where Jaimie Escalante taught calculus to all them cholos and jainas?

Boxer: Uh huh. And like Mr. Escalante, you're gonna teach Nico some math. Specifically, how the concept of thirds works. Make sure he knows that La Cliqua sends its regards.
by ZXY&ABC January 27, 2021
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A public plaza that functions as an open air drug market in Concord, California.
Mosca: Hey bro! My dealer is locked up in the MDF! I need a quarter deck of water!

Cyco: Just go down to Todos Santos Plaza! They got all the shit down there!
by ZXY&ABC July 24, 2019
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Ex. 1

"There was a time where Mexican Mafia gangsters operated in this aura of secrecy. People on the streets would not dare speak openly about the fellas for fear of being sent to Brazil."

- Disregard Status Explained, Mundo Mendoza, July 4, 2020

Ex. 2

Sleepy: Hey fool! Huero Weasel just rolled it up! He rang the bell in the program office!

PeeWee: You mean just like savag3 studi0s?

Sleepy: Exactly! He rang it. It went 'Ding!' and he said, 'I'm a bitch!'

PeeWee: That no good rat just punched his ticket to SNY!

Sleepy: And he's gonna get sent to Brazil!
by ZXY&ABC July 7, 2020
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The hours and days preceding the deadline to pay taxes to the Big Homey. An uptick in armed robberies typically occurs during this period.
Loco: Fuck man! I owe the Big Homey a couple Gs by Friday!

Lucifer: C'mon, You know what to do! It's Tax Time! Go pull a lick on the Stop and Rob on Broadway!
by ZXY&ABC July 26, 2019
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Nickname for the California Correctional Center in Susanville, CA. Not to be confused with the neighboring High Desert State Prison AKA The White House.
Sleepy: Hey bro: I gotta shoot the homey Shakes the Clown a couple soups!

Stranger: No can do homey! He got shipped out to Suzie's House on the Grey Goose!

Sleepy: He must have fucked up big time to get sent upstate!

Stranger: Uh huh. He blew out Diesel's cheeks!
by ZXY&ABC April 26, 2020
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