Intelligent young actress from Canada. Best known for her role in 'Juno', playing an teenage mom who decides to give the baby up to a couple. Is a well known tomboy, and in a multitude of occasions she was shown to be wearing boy's underwear.

Commonly plays young characters, even though she is currently twenty two.
Was nominated for an academy award in 2007.
Nicknamed 'the tiny Canadian'.

Page makes pretty much every man on the planet fall in love with her, due to her incredibly good looks. She's pretty much the hottest woman on earth.
Ellen Page is hot.

Did you see Juno? Yeah, you should.

I wish to go to Canada.
by Intelligent Stranger October 24, 2009
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Tiny Canadian actress with a large forehead and the world's cheesiest smile who wears little tuxes. She is an outspoken lesbian feminist who writes geeky things on Twitter and loves to rename people's dogs. She's 27 but she's a total sweetheart and cuter than most 5 year olds. Best known for her roles in Hard Candy, Juno, Inception, and the X-Men franchise.
How does an Ellen Page manage being such a cute adult?!
You made a cheesy speech declaring you're a lesbian on Valentine's day? What an Ellen Page thing to do!
by El Kavo May 19, 2014
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THE hottest actress that ever lived!
I think I am in love with her, Coz' I can't stop thinking about her and and she is the only thing I can think about!
Ellen Page is so hot!
by Scott Daniel Bates April 14, 2008
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A Canadian Actress, who is probably the most hottest, intelligent, funnest person you could meet.
Friend: Who's that hot, smart chick?
by BeatlesColdplay January 8, 2011
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A great actress who also happens to be tiny and Canadian. Very good looking. Most people either want her or want to be her. Starred in movies such as Juno, Inception, Super and Whip It.
Joe: Damn...that Ellen Page is cute.
by jared242 September 17, 2011
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Did you hear about Elizabeth Warren claiming to be an American Indian, she really Ellen Paged that one.
by Fred Martz February 24, 2019
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the cutie from JUNO who played a pregnant teenage mother. she is also from halifax, nova scotia and loves the outdoors. she is pretty hot for a 20 year old even though she looks like she is 16. it would be awesome if you did her though cause then its like fucking someone who looks like a minor even though shes legal. the best of both worlds
oh man ellen page is so hot
by im hot for the teacher February 22, 2008
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