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Sonja is the most amazing, caring, sweet person in the whole world. She will do anything to help any of her friends and to make them happy and would be willing to sacrifice her happiness for her friends. She is a gorgeous girl that when she walks in a room the whole room stop and stare. She is also an amazing girlfriend and if you are dating a Sonja you really truly are a very lucky guy because she is an amazing kisser and an amazing woman.
Guy 1-"I'm Dating Sonja"
Guy 2-"Man she is sooo amazing, your a lucky guy"
by 21stCCNC-2154 January 27, 2011
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A beautiful, sexy, bootylicious female. She is worshipped by many & has been the cause of many huge cult followings in the early 1990's. Sonja's usually keep a low profile, so consider it a rare and special event to be blessed by her presence.

see also sonia and sonya.
It's a Sonja day, I'm gonna buy myself a lotto ticket!

That ass is perfect, just like Sonja.

by Miguel33333 November 05, 2007
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Sonja is the nicest, sweetest, most adorable girl that you will ever meet. her eyes are like beautiful stars shining in the gloomy night. her voice as soft as a feather and calm as the ocean on a warm summers night. If one is fortunate enough to fall in love with a Sonja they are almost certainly never going to fall out of love as she is more beautiful that any jewel and more precious than the rarest stone. Once in love, her love cannot be matched. Regardless of how bad your day has been she will always manage to put a smile on your dial. her luscious blond hair is so silky that it is better quality than that produced by silk worms. Once in love with a Sonja you would never begin to imagine what life would be like without her. when others have no clue about what you are saying, Sonja will always understand.
She is the most sweet, utterly adorable, smoking hot girl that you are likely to ever meet. You will find that she is the easiest to talk to and will stick by your side during your times of hardship and struggles.
She is willing to carry your burdens while you need her to

Sonja's love outmatches every one else, so if you ever fall in love with her, consider yourself extremely lucky as you are not likely to find someone quite like her ever again
silk worms
by Lolzman38 September 10, 2013
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An amazing, intelligent, funny, and youthful girl with an amazing smile. Is always there when you need her, gives the best hugs, and is always happy. (If she isn't she'll do her best to make you think otherwise!) She masks her overwhelming intelligence with cute idiosyncrasies, but don't underestimate her. She truly is the best girl there is.
Dude 1) "Man, I was feeling really bad today, but then Sonja and I had a heartfelt conversation, and I feel awesome now!"
Dude 2) "Yeah dude, Sonja's the best!"

Dude) "Hello Sonja!"
Sonja) "Herro!"
Dude) "How are you?"
Sonja) "I is goodly! And you?"
Dude) "Better than I was 15 seconds ago! :D"
by fughilli November 19, 2010
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Sonja is the greatest female to ever be born on this planet earth. No one can ever be as great as Sonja, and everyone loves her because she is just THAT super. Without Sonja the world would be lost. She is not only the greatest but she is the MOST beautiful women to ever grace this earth's presence. If you're not with her, you'll want her because she is HOT. No one can ever be as great as Sonja so don't even bother trying because you're wasting your time. She is just extraordinarily awesome. All the bitches hate her because they ain't her!
And there's this dude called Ryan who's just fucking awesome, and Sonja would be nothing without his expert guidance and hotness.
Sonja is super HOT, I wish she was mine.
by TheAlmightyest December 15, 2010
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A sexxyyy girl that everyy guy loves. They all want her, gorgeouss eyesss. Its considered rare to be in her presence so enjoy it ;)
"Oh Sonja's here, say goodbye to all your boyfriends"
by Idkkkkkkkk34365kkkkk May 07, 2010
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pronounced sawn-yuh. a girl, often of germanic descent, with a complex that everything is, in fact, better in germany. sonjas are easily frightened by loud noises, poorly made horror films, and ants, and when caught off guard, will fall to the floor in a neat pile and languish there until someone offers to pick her up. sonjas are often anal retentive, making them excellent scientists and frequenters of the chemistry department of the local university. sonjas are brutally honest, caffeine addicts who like to randomly burst into old school country songs and christmas carols. a sonja is also wonderfully talented at making interestingly grotesque, yet humorous facial expressions. common nicknames include: sonj (sawnj) and svonya
your friend: so i totally got a 89 on my biochem test. my life as a research scientist is over!
you: .....quit being such a sonja

you: boo!
your friend: ::falls to the floor and starts crying::
you: hahaha! you just pulled a sonj.
by benabammer November 12, 2007
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