The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) originated in San Quentin prison in 1967. Originally the AB was established to provide protection for the whites from the black and hispanic groups, specifically the Mexican Mafia. Some of the original AB members came from a 1950's gang called the "Bluebirds." Other names used for the AB were the "Diamond Tooth Gang" and the "Nazi Gang".
The sign of the AB is a shamrock, the letters AB, and three sixes. They will generally have this tattooed somewhere on there body. Only members of the AB are permitted to wear the "brand" of the gang; individuals found to be wearing the tattoo without consent of the AB are subject to death. Since prison admistrators use tattoos to identify gang members the AB has prohibited members from displaying their AB specific tattoos. As a result many memebers have disguised their tattoos. The AB practices a religion called Odenism which is the ancient religion of the Vikings. They use the Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings within the prison and to conduct criminal activity. The Brotherhood, which has members in prisons throughout the United States, exhibits an intense hatred of Blacks and Jews, and reportedly engages in extortion, drug operations, prostitution, and violence in prisons. And has strong ties to a shadow gang the Nazi Low Riders

ang members by their tattoos and have prohibited members from displaying AB specific

tattoos. As a result, many members have removed or disguised their AB tattoos. The AB is using the Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings

and disguise illicit business practices.
If your white and in prison then Aryan Brotherhood can help you out with protection
by Down n' Out Social Wreck March 9, 2005
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