A weather term, referring to a light, hail-like snow.
The forecast is calling for rain changing over to gropple, with sleet and hail mixed in.
by GuyPD November 13, 2006
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the often surprising act of groping using a hook-like fingering to pull someone close, usually occurs from behind the unsuspecting person while climbing stairs
As they raced up to the apartment, he employed a gropple under her short skirt both to make her slow down and to turn her on.
by gropple July 11, 2008
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Verb: Mixture of grapple and grope, Minly a sexual wrestling moved developed and and named by computer fixing fella.
Man i got so drunk last night and ended up in a gropple match with this skank i brought home from the bar.
by Brandon St September 24, 2006
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1. To be distracted while operating a motor vehicle, causing you to momentarily lose control.

2. The act of steering a vehicle in motion while simultaneously pushing buttons, turning dials, reaching around on the floor for a dropped item, applying make-up, checking nose for boogers, fumbling with a cell phone, or anything else considered to be a diversion from concentrating on the road, which briefly impairs the ability to operate an automobile.
If you gropple in a car, you might get a citation.

I hit the tree head-on because I was groppling for a CD.
by Looneytunez March 2, 2008
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verb,noun.continuous gurgling and popping sound.
Sound produced by a furiously percolating coffee machine.
eg."My Coffee machine gropples loudly".
by Wlm Wheed May 8, 2005
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Synonym for fried, stoned, high, etc. Basically the best feeling ever; an out-of-body experience that can only be achieved while partaking in smoking with the boys. There are no guarantees as to what will happen while one is under this magnitude of influence.
I was at a party with the boys last night and we all got totally groppled. I lost my phone and couldn't feel my arms!
by rockinturtle August 1, 2019
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A mixed drink that includes grape juice, orange juice, and apple juice.
I told Alayna last night to mix me up a big Gropple.

Hear that new drink Gunner had, it's called the Gropple. So weird
by Stun_Gunnn October 17, 2019
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