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"Popping" - meaning she is beautiful, stylish, hot, sexy, ect. (Exceeding expectations)
Man that girl right there is popping; I've never seen someone more beautiful.
by Kelvo Da Great March 30, 2016
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A Party dance and FUnkstyle created by Sam Solomon aka Boogaloo Sam, out of fresno, California in the mid 70's with the West Coast Funk movement.

The quick tensing and releasing of muscles, often the arms,legs,back,chest and neck which creates a POP effect, designed initially to be done on beat to Funk.
Yo, we need to hit up this popping competition out on the eastside

That boyzzz poppin' is off the hook son
by Silkk September 25, 2003
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A dance style that hails from California from which the originators are many, which is not to be confused with or to be related to boog aka boogaloo who's originator was Boogaloo Sam aka Sam Solomon, boogaloo is not popping as a whole. There are many different styles of popping that have many different originators most of which resided in Cali when the popping movement first took off in the U.S. making it also harder to distinguish when popping actually started to become popping.

Those cats back in the day sure knew how to get down popping and locking the way they do.
by BadboyFLIP July 19, 2006
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A dance made up of the contraction of certain muscles to the beat of music combined with isolation movements performed to funk music. Popping as an umbrella term for Popping, Boogalooing, Strutting, Sac'n, Open Hand, ZigZag, Twisto-flex, Ticking, Waving, Snaking, Backslide, moonwalk, etc...
How many poppers will be popping at this year Popping event.
by spacecapital April 17, 2006
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(v.)To consume precription or non-prescription pills.
After he finished popping oxy, he couldn't feel his face.
by Cara October 28, 2003
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adjective (pop, popped, pops)
1: {Referring to event or incident} full of life/ taking place in a spirited manner

Syn: Going Down, Happening, booming

verb {with obj}
1: fire (a gun) at somebody

Syn: Gun Down, Fire

2: about to occur/ occurring

Syn: transpire
1. That party was popping!

1: ...this resulted in Lucy popping a cap in Jack's ass...
2: He arrived at the club just as the brawl started popping off...
by Kgosi113 July 24, 2017
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Popping is an actual dance style. This is not the umbrella term for the whole dance. The umbrella term is not funk styles either, but Boogaloo Sam has said that the umbrella term is Boog style. There are three different ways to dance if you are following Boogaloo Sam's or EB's pattern: Poppin, Boog, and Boog style. Poppin is a continuous flexing and releasing of the muscles in your neck, body(chest, back), arms(biceps, triceps, forearms), and legs(buttocks, thighs, calf muscles). If you are a Popper, according to Sam's definition, dancing at a Poppin competition you cannot wave. You strictly Pop. If you wave, from the definition given, then you are considered Boog stylin. If you are Poppin and then you Scarecrow, you are no longer Poppin, but Boog stylin.
Popping is still having that "feel" like in Boog, hitting all muscles patiently, walking your arms, sitting hard inside the music, being simple, funky, smooth, doing walkouts, twist-o-flexes, master-flexes, egyptian twists, romeo twists, neck-o-flexes, and fresno.

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