to say what you expect to happen in the future; predict
prediction of a future; prophecy
Rain has been forecast for tonight.
Have you watched the weather forecast?
by Ewelina May 25, 2007
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The forecast is in the news.
by Maria Evels November 4, 2003
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the agenda of boys waiting to be fucked
that hoes got a damn forecast teh entire week
by kevin klennburg November 4, 2003
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We speak about business. The term Forecast is used to talk about business on a weekly or monthly basis.

Unless it's a french company then we speak about business 3 times a day.

*See also shit-show
We speak about your forecast.
by Steve O December 8, 2003
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a cool way to say "what's up?"

if you say this, people will KNOW that you're sick as fuck
it just really boosts your coolness so why not say it

appropriate responses include

"nothing much dude what about you"
"i'm cool, just chillin"
me: yo what's the forecast
andy: it's kinda cold today bruv
me: noo dude what's the forecast !! it's like what's up but way cooler
andy: oh fuck you're so right.. damn i'm gonna start saying that
by steviejones420 March 2, 2019
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A veiled reference to a Black Books episode, used as a metaphor for masturbation. In the episode, Fran masturbates to the shipping forecast because the reader's voice 'confuses her'... but in a good way.
"Why is Linnea taking so long to get changed?"

"Oh, don't worry. She's just got the shipping forecast on."
by Flannybabes February 26, 2012
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What the hell? These people must think we are really stupid. Is there such a thing as yesterday forecast? Duuuh..
Next we will have the Future Forecast but first we will hear from....
Means that NEXT is not Next. Another word that does not mean anything.
Future forecasters will not be fired if they lie like a rug by a certain percentage.
by Gerry Attricks July 22, 2003
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