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A shy girl with lots of attitude. She has a great friend group but likes to adventure out of friend groups to meet new people. Most people dont notice her at first but once she opens up to you, you'll know you can trust her.She's a beautiful girl even when she isn't trying to be.
I wish we could be more like alayna
by You know this is accurate January 07, 2017
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An amazing and beautiful person. Smart and strong, Alayna is a a great women and an amazing girlfriend. You might not like her at first but after you get to know her it's Impossible not to love her. She is destined to be with a Joshua.
Person 1: Are you still dating Alayna?
Person 2: Yeah man!
Person 1: I wish I had a girlfriend like yours.
by A person 2704 June 08, 2018
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A girl with a strong personality, either you love her or hate her. She's destined to be with James. She's a beautiful individual, with a lot of insecurities. She has a lot of friends but yet isn't as popular as she wants to be. Guys love her, girls hate her (other than her friends).
Damn alayna lookin fineee
by when im board13 February 03, 2018
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A beautiful young lady ! Lots of sass ! Shy at first but once she opens up is one of your best friends ! Crazy nice . She always what’s to help and likes school as long as she has her friends she has a hard time making friends but with a little help she will open up if you meet an Alayna keep her she is and amazing person and one everyone should have in their life she acts like she’s big and tough but on the insid eshe is really soft and sensitive won’t show her feelings so get to know her you will read her mind she is always smart but won’t admit it usually when she has a friend it’s hard to separate them so get an Alayna hold on to her and never let her go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sup Alayna
by Alaynaaa July 06, 2018
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(1)THE hottest and sexiest girl in the world. Describes your dream girl.

(2) When a chick is so hot, there is no other way to describe her.
(1) "Yeah dude! My new slampeice is a total Alayna!"

(2) "She's amazing... There is no way to describe how perfect she is other than... She's just so.. Alayna"
by MoMoney! December 01, 2010
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A complex creature. She will be bubbly and then snarky. She also commonly suffers from a self-crippling lack of confidence and/or self worth. This trait may not be noticeable at first, since Alaynas are often very good at hiding things as well.
Being acquaintances with Alayna is very different than being friends with her.
by Rela345 September 28, 2012
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An Alayna is someone who feels like they are not self worthy for the things they have. Some who is very depressed and akward. Also someone who maybe feel very lonely and different. Alayna may act as of she doesn't care what people think, but then in the inside all she wants is someone to love her and care for her. Alayna may not open up to people very easily, it may take days, months, or even years for an Alayna to open up to you.
Wow! I just wish Alayna would open up to me. I wonder what's going on.
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by $hitHappens April 27, 2017
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