(noun) A charcter from www.homestarrunner.com who was originally the subject of a ghost story and normally features in Halloween themed animations although appeared briefly in "Where's The Cheat?" He is green, short and like Homstar has a distictive underbite and appears to have no arms. Enjoys looking around, dancing, hiding and is usually accompanied by organ music. To be approached with caution.
Homstar: Once, there was this Green Goblin and he um, used to look around and um, I guess he did a dance
by Bigfatnobody October 11, 2003
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Used to decribe someone that looks ugly
"Hey did you see Keelan?"
"Yes. He looks like a goblin."
by malachy.jennz on Insta July 31, 2018
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Shrivelled up old baby boomers who hoard all the money, housing and healthcare so that no other generations can have any.
Just about every village is England is packed full of goblins now. Nobody else can afford it
by MenoPaws March 07, 2019
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When you gobble like a turkey on the end of a mans penis and then shout gobble gobble when he ejaculates in your face
I gave that guy a goblin last night iv never gobbled so hard
by Burgie August 05, 2018
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A reference to one's urinary appendage. When speaking of the appendage, the statement must be made in an Austrian accent.
He stepped up into the bathroom, unzipped, and shouted, "MY GOBLIN!!"
by Boss DJ May 16, 2003
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An epic troll with ninja skills. Often people dont even find out who just goblin'd them.
Ed puts his bag down, turns around for 1 sec and then looks back only to find his bag has been nuggeted along with all the contents inside.
Ed : WTF who just goblin'd me!?!?!
by .NiLBoG.CipE September 23, 2009
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