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A opinion to solve a problem given by a blonde woman. Though should never be taken in consideration.
Sarah the young blonde said. '' umm for like that global warming thing we should put air conditioners on the north pole... yeah that would like help. ''

Me: Sarah just shut up with your blonde solution. Go tan dumb bimbo.
by --MANDINGO-- June 19, 2011

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a super troll who wont be quiet in comment sections, might even take as up to two comment since there is not that many characters for comment boxes. almost as if it was super saiyan 1 for trolls. after that its hobbit you don't want to meet him.
some dude kept writing back after i told him he won the argument and kept calling me a faggot, stupid goblin , can't take my opinion.
by --MANDINGO-- May 07, 2011

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