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The only semi-mythical rapid transportation device which takes large numbers of British police officers to the scene of a suspected bacon sandwich eating or pronoun offence, whilst burglaries and violent crime go completely uninvestigated. Some forces, such as the Met, have multiple HCHs in order to deal with particularly severe incidents such as a schoolchild pointing out that men are taller than women or that most muggers are black.
'Couldnt sleep last night, the Hate Crimes Helicopter was out again'
'Hmmm, vibrant'
by MenoPaws November 2, 2018
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Shrivelled up old baby boomers who hoard all the money, housing and healthcare so that no other generations can have any.
Just about every village is England is packed full of goblins now. Nobody else can afford it
by MenoPaws March 7, 2019
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Substitute this for the word 'women' whenever you hear feminists talk, and suddenly the truth of what they are saying is revealed!!
Feminist says - There aren't enough female CEOs

Feminist means - There aren't enough Rich White Girl CEOs.

Feminist says - Housework is demeaning to women.

Feminist means - Housework is demeaning to rich white girls. Maria Guadelupe, clean this up!
by MenoPaws April 2, 2019
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