A venomous left-leaning female Internet troll.

Usually trolls in a self-righteous, hysterical tone, pretending to act in favor of Women's Rights but only has egotistical concerns.
Shit Reddit Says is 4chan for goblins.
by TrueWomensRIghtsActivist August 24, 2015
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The nerd in class, the guy that loves history and geography. He has no friends but tries so hard he can to make some, he thinks annoyingness is the right way to go. He is raised like he is 3 years old and is only allowed to watch 1 hour of videos each day, only History! "Goblins" is often diagnosed with "Giantbabysyndrome", which means he behaves like a 2 years old even if he isn't that. His body is very dangerous, his elbows are sharp like knifes and his legs are taller than Empire state building. Watchout for him, if you see him, run or punch him. He is very weak, just watchout for his elbows and legs. Smelling his breath or his sweat will cause you to get cancer and you will emeditaly die.
Oh no, it is Goblin. Run!!!
by I'mnotGoblinIswear December 04, 2018
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Ewww look at that single mom with her two ugly looking goblins.
by Ahojq October 03, 2020
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A horrible, tactless, lazy, and aggressive individual who constantly seeks to sabotage others for no reason. An uncooperative colleague.
Ms. Goblins called out today because she was sick apparently although, yesterday, she was consuming a giant, double decker sandwich, and was healthy as a goddamn horse!
by Hallaku November 21, 2015
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An act of oral sex; especially with enthusiasm to the point it can be akinned to gobbling (or "goblin") the person up.
"Hey babe, I could go for a Goblin."
by StreakyDaniel92 June 30, 2021
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An affectionate term, often used to a girl who is attractive, yet short and a bit weird.
Megan? Oh, you mean Goblin.

Oh my god, did you see her dancing? Haha, such a little Goblin.
by Enwhytee December 25, 2016
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