“I heard you two playing some organ music last night, can you keep it down, I'm trying to sleep."
by 22INCHCOCK November 14, 2013
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Organic music; Music that deals with natural, percussion, acoustic based instruments. Musicians involved in organic music resonate positive vibes in their music
1. Organic Hip Hop is some good organic music.
2. I love that organic music it feels so natural.
3. Organic music is not computerized like electronica.
4. Organic music is good for the soul.
5.Organic music is roots music
by aaron coats January 24, 2008
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During intercourse the man is so proficient in the art of fingering when he begins is almost as he is playing a guitar
Becky:Adam gave me the musical organ last night
by xxXOsitoXxx March 9, 2020
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