A joint laced with DMT. Infamous because of the harsh texture of the smoke, and the difficulty in smoking it.
"I smoked some DMT in a Goblin one time, I didn't even trip because I couldn't even get enough of the smoke."
by flypastmortals October 18, 2011
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A goblin is a class above goon, and below gargoyle. The ranks are Goon==>Goblin==>Gargoyle. Everything about a goblin is better than a goon. Goblins don't take shit from goons, but may from gargoyle's. A goblin is good.
Chris: Santa Cruz has hella goon pearl!
Alex: its better than goon man, its goblin!
Chris: Jordan Hodges is pretty goon.

Alex (referring to himself): Yea, but what's a goon to a goblin?
by ayegee February 11, 2010
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A girl that enjoys to give head and does so often. Usually swallows the load.
Dude: "Jessi is such a goblin yo she'll never eat
by Wiz Gob June 25, 2009
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Like an internet Troll only unaware of that fact. Goblins glob onto causes for the most idiotic of reasons, and in the process make the cause or group they are involved in look as stupid as they are. Unlike a Troll they are unaware of the damage they cause.
Little Ms. Gloomy's take on free school lunch made the other Vegans look as retarded as she was,
by Zippo138 February 15, 2004
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A drug fiend. Someone who abuses or steals drugs
Harry has gone from just experimenting with pot to being a total goblin about the whole thing, man.
by The Krunk Wizard Giz August 09, 2006
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a super troll who wont be quiet in comment sections, might even take as up to two comment since there is not that many characters for comment boxes. almost as if it was super saiyan 1 for trolls. after that its hobbit you don't want to meet him.
some dude kept writing back after i told him he won the argument and kept calling me a faggot, stupid goblin , can't take my opinion.
by --MANDINGO-- May 07, 2011
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