a small creature of ranging colours very mischievios and quick
also known as a 'Denny'
1.damb that goblin is annoying

2.damb that denny stole my shoes
by the hills slope December 03, 2006
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A wank goblin (correct term: Mastabatory Goblin) is a creature that bites off a teenage boy's penis when he wanks too much.

The wank goblin serves as both a myth and a fact to those who get too wank happy.

Young boys fear the wank goblin. If he's sexually frustrated and likes to rub himself against things you know he is afraid of the wank goblin.
Wank Goblin (Mastabatory Goblin) :

James: Why're you in a wheelchair?
Ashraf: *Sobs* Wank Goblin bit my cock off!
James: Me too! I'll never wank again!

Mom: Jamal! That's the third time I've caught you wanking this week! Expect a visit from the Matabatory Goblin...
by Jamal Gordon-King January 05, 2010
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Goblins are like trolls except they always fail. If you ever see a someone who tried to troll but obviously failed the correct term for them is a goblin. Goblins are lame, pathetic and unfunny versions of trolls.
Mike: Wow look at that troll making a fool of himself. He's such a fail.
Roger: He's a goblin not a troll. But yeah, he's pretty pathetic.
by GOBLIN111111 August 17, 2011
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a term describing a certain individual at Le Moyne College. This person has been Goblin proved by a group of friends who consider themselves goblin hunters
Goblins have been proven and one lives in Le Moyne College living in room 402 formally of room 114
by Anonymous114 October 30, 2007
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Somebody who talks a big game up front, but the second any real issues come their way run scared. Goblins are also deathly afraid of goons and will seek protection from said goons if confronted by one.
What is a goon to a goblin? apparently a goon is a lot to a goblin since the goblin couldn't handle the goon by himself.
by @n0nymus April 12, 2010
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hes a goblin who lives in the ocean and steals your bones if you dont brush your teeth
quick get him to brush his teeth before the ocean goblin gets his bones
by Makoto's Dad December 25, 2017
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