Jessi is the type of person that is a great friend jessi will always be there for you and is the type of person you can count on.

If you meet a jessi never loose them it will be the biggest mistake you ever make.
Emilee: is that jessi? Taylor: ya she da best
by I got trust issues July 28, 2017
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Jessi’s are beautiful, smart, athletic, kind, and carful. Jessi’s love every single animal and they want to help animals. Jessi’s are sexy and every boy stares at jessi’s when they walk by. They are funny and make friends very easily. Jessi’s live their sleep and they sleep every chance they get.
Woah that Jessi girl is really hot!
by Hehevdvdhevejsgsvshdjr!? January 17, 2018
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The short sexy type. Always on alert. A force only to be reckoned with if you understand her heart. The best friend anyone can possibly have. With curves like a dirt road on a drunk night. Very probable to be the most intriguing person you've ever met. Irresistable to the point of addiction. Any man who comes in contact will quiver, and have no self control to turn the other way. Can stop a heart from beating, and bring the beat back with only her smile. The best wife any man could ever desire. Perfect in every way.
Who is that man's wife?

Idk but by how she looks and acts she must be a jessi.
by lvnghsbndw28 February 5, 2010
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A girl who is pretty tall and looks older than she really is. She can be a little crazy and a bit like a crackhead. Jessi is also a very trusting person and she is very popular. She is athletic and can dance very well!
by Chickenliddle5 March 14, 2017
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A being, female, made entirely of stardust, always ready to shine, but sometimes burns too brightly only to burst into flame and become dust once again, ready to repeat the process.
"I can't keep my eyes off of that Jessi in the corner there. Do you see how brightly her eyes glow with excitement? How her tinkling little laugh fills the room? How a simple glance your way will stupefy?"

"..Yeah.." (Gazes in the general direction of the Jessi, as is blinded by beauty, but still wants to look on)
by callmeIshmaelplease November 22, 2009
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The female version of of the name Jesse. Can also refer to someone made of awesome.
Hank: "I thought your name was spelled J-e-s-s-e."

Jessi: "Are you calling me a dude, a-hole?" -_-'
by Nowacking July 11, 2008
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