when you're making out with a chick, and you slide your hands down her pants and pinch her bare ass. UNDERBITE!!! see the intruder...
i gave my roommate's mom the underbite last night.
by nate fingerman July 17, 2006
when your eating pussy and you get a mouthful of shit
Fuckin Bitch, I just got an underbite.
by AlBundyisgod1906 April 9, 2006
When an inbred looking girl without teeth is going down on you and then sucks your balls from below, not under, like a fish to bait.
Ol' girl was going at me good and then dropped her dentures and hit me with an Alabama Underbite.
by Hoodlum Crew April 19, 2019
Severe underbite -- when it smells like pussy but it tastes like shit.
She smells great but tastes funny -- I must have severe underbite.
by Al Berich October 3, 2020