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(noun) a carry-bag that you keep by the door in case you have to evacuate from home on very short notice, or accompany someone to the hospital on an emergency basis
I keep a go bag handy, its got underwear and sox for 72 hours, a change of clothes, a sweater, gloves, all my essential medications, cash and coin, a phonecard, a flashlight and spare batteries, alkaline pack for my cellphone, photocopies of all my essential documents, a list of family phone numbers and emergency contacts, as well as water and dogfood, biscuits, her comfort toys, a blanket for her, and her meds.
by Jake January 19, 2004
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A duffel bag loaded with weaponry & possibly a spare set of clothes. Used when planning to attack someone, heading into a dangerous situation, or a situation that could be a setup.
Person 1: I'm gonna need you to grab a go bag & meet me at the old church on Main St. Oh and wear something you won't mind burning. This bitch's been runnin his mouth for too long!

Person 2: Alright kid I got you, I'll be there in 20.


Person 1: I'm makin a deal with a new kid downtown.

Person 2: You know this kid?

Person 1: Nah, not really...

Person 2: You best bring a go bag just in case kid.
by JD-Lump September 30, 2010
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