That one kid that when the teacher says “groups” it’s (most times) the first kid that you look at and some other people too. And you probably don't know his name.
Teacher: Okay class now this project we are gonna do it in groups.
Jake: I wanna be with the smart kid!
Bob: No, I am going to go with him!
Smart kid: alright imma head out
by Randomguyintheworld December 29, 2020
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That kid that is WAY to smart for the whole class and is obviously the favorite student.
Person 1: “Omg, i wish i was the smart kid!”
Person 2: “ I know right! All the teachers love them!”
by Im just tired November 3, 2022
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When the people in high school that are used to getting A+ get a B-. They didn't really fail, they just need to say they failed to justify the B-. This technique also makes the kids who normally get B- and are totally okay with it feel like shit.
"Oh my god, I totally smart-kid failed. I only got a B- on my history final. Now my grade is only going to be an A!!"

"Jeez, I hate those fuckin' losers that complain about smart-kid failing, I'm just worried about not normal-kid failing!"
by asdfghjklawlz June 18, 2009
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One of the world's rarest things-- A kid between the ages of 4-13 who has an IQ of over 130 and wins spelling and math bees like cake walks, has 20 friends, and can play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, etc. Usually named Paul or Rick or something like that
Hey that cool jock smart kid is really smart/cool/sporty!! He kicked my ass in a bee/decathlon/Myspace contest and let it show!
by stop it loser August 6, 2006
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He is that one smart kid in my class fr he's next to me in chemistry lmao
I know right? You know that kid? Aedric? Aedric that one smart kid lets gooo dude he is awesome!
by Among us is not in real life September 25, 2023
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A poser; he is not smart or cool and he calls hot peoples girlfriends dumb.
Super smart cool kid- You don't need an example this is pretty self- explanatory
by KidneyThief November 3, 2020
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Those middle and high schoolers who sort of fit in social parameters but not very well because they're weird and also proud of how good they are at school. Pretty much the opposite of a dumb jock, except both of these guys can be egotistic.
Kyle: You know those smart odd kids who think grades are everything?
Vanessa: Yeah, they kind of have no life, but at least they're not completely stuck in their own world.
by internetless October 28, 2015
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