(noun) a carry-bag that you keep by the door in case you have to evacuate from home on very short notice, or accompany someone to the hospital on an emergency basis
I keep a go bag handy, its got underwear and sox for 72 hours, a change of clothes, a sweater, gloves, all my essential medications, cash and coin, a phonecard, a flashlight and spare batteries, alkaline pack for my cellphone, photocopies of all my essential documents, a list of family phone numbers and emergency contacts, as well as water and dogfood, biscuits, her comfort toys, a blanket for her, and her meds.
by Jake January 19, 2004
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After having sex and using a condom, one takes the full codom and ties it off. Then they secretly place it with the person they just had sex with, so that person will find it later after they leave.
"I gave that chick a to go bag in her purse. She found it at the mall when she went to pay for something"
by mr. feltchenstein January 21, 2010
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A duffel bag loaded with weaponry & possibly a spare set of clothes. Used when planning to attack someone, heading into a dangerous situation, or a situation that could be a setup.
Person 1: I'm gonna need you to grab a go bag & meet me at the old church on Main St. Oh and wear something you won't mind burning. This bitch's been runnin his mouth for too long!

Person 2: Alright kid I got you, I'll be there in 20.


Person 1: I'm makin a deal with a new kid downtown.

Person 2: You know this kid?

Person 1: Nah, not really...

Person 2: You best bring a go bag just in case kid.
by JD-Lump September 30, 2010
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GO-BAG LADY (noun/ or adj) a girl or woman who is intelligent, hardworking, going places in her life, moving forward, someone you would want to hire for employment. A beautiful person who has a beautiful soul inside and out. Good morals.
For employment: ie "yes Sabrina, we are looking for a 'GO-BAG LADY" and you fit the criteria for our company! Welcome and you are hired! for romance ie" Man, she's a GO-BAG LADY too good for your sorry ass" Get a job!
by SUSANNE VOLKOFF July 20, 2018
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Instead of a douche-bag, a douche-to-go-bag is the equivalent of a food douche, a man who feels the need to criticize your food choices, act as a food connoisseur, and claim to know the best places, therefore making him a huge snotty douche.
Jacob was insulting the restaurant I picked, by the end of the night, he was a douche-to-go-bag
by somefunnypersonwhomakesdefinit September 3, 2009
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1) A exclamation used when someone does or says something so idiotic that they deserve to consume an entire sack of mens's penises.

2) The appropriate response when someone's logic and reasoning are so flawless that any other response would seem foolish.
3) What to say when someone says something that in any way displeases you and you want them to know how much you hate them.
1) Dipshit: ERRR, look at me! I got recon! Im so fucking cool and shit!
Regular guy: GO EAT A BAG OF DICKS!

2) Guy1: You sir, are a fucking useless, insufferable, and backstabbing piece of shit.

3) Smart kid: Hey Billy, what did you get on the math test?
Billy: I failed
Smart kid: Well, i got an A+
by The Leedale October 29, 2008
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When your so mad at someone sucking one dick isnt enough. You want them to suffer
Debby: Hey eric go suck a bag of dicks you fudge fuck

Eric: Wow that really hurt my feelings
by Jerry B Bop August 27, 2008
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