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Acronym for Guys Like Us. GLU is a gay asian, and friends, social group in San Diego, CA. There are some 200+ active members, with a mailing list that exceeds 500. GLU . Active MySpace page.

GLU serves both a social and a charatable purpose for its members. GLU is usually a top 10 team for AIDSWALK San Diego fundraising. GLU collects canned goods and other staples in front of supermarkets once a month, for Mama's Pantry. Creaters of GLU juice, a wicked strong drink served at most functions.
I'm going t the GLU Board meeting

There's a GLU pool party in August, it's a fundraiser for AIDSWalk.

"Hey there's a guy we don't know, let's GLU him" A verb, meaning to introduce him to the group.
by Sylvester Clemente July 20, 2009
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Gay or Lesbian term for someone they think unattracted
"Hi Amy, Isn't that girl michelle is going out with a bit glu"
by Geramo January 03, 2017
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Girl Like us is used in "The Clique" Novel series originaly by kristen,Massie,Alicia,and Dylan. The word was crated by Kristen.
Kristen: Ughh yeah she is def. not a GLU
Kristen:New Phrase
Krsten:Girl Like Us
Dylan: Love it
by JanisA February 02, 2008
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Girls Like Us
i.e Girls who are smart, beautiful, sexy, funny, cute, awesome, independent, thick, thick-slim etc.
"She's just jealous because she has no GLU qualities."
"Chicks who fight of di*ks are not GLU."
by Geekkitty June 09, 2015
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