An insult used by literally every middle schooler on earth.
6th grader: ha u gay bro!1!1
another 6th grader: nah fam ur gei!1!
by Lil Toaster (rap god) August 2, 2018
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Me:*enters room*

Someone:lol gay

Me:yeah that's pretty much right
by 0range lem0n December 4, 2019
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A lame comeback middle schoolers use on whoever they donโ€™t like.
Human 1: Your mom is fucking gay
Human 2: My mom isnโ€™t gay, sheโ€™s dead
Human 1: *leaves in shame*
by - Bully Maguire Pizza Time December 14, 2021
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Dude 1: "Hey bro your gay right?"
Dude 2: "ya man I'm gay"
Dude 1: "cool I'm gay too"๐Ÿ˜
*makes out*
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