A guy that messes with other guys girlfriends. He believes that if a girl chooses, then it is her fault and he is not in the wrong.
Guy 1: yeah man that nigga be talkin to my girl.
Guy 2: you better watch out he a postman.
by Izzy Aka Chevy_Hybrid July 13, 2006
A typical nickname given out in basketball to the larger players whose roles are typically centered around "post" play. Also serves a nice double meaning, since the postman always delivers.
John Smith had a hell of an inside game. They don't call him the Postman for nothing.
by Siryam November 15, 2006
Logic sending letters to the people
I've been feeling like a mothafuckin' postman
Sending letters to the people
All this knowledge that I got, I'm like an old man
Hold up, wait now oh man!
Let me back up in this bitch
I'm platinum in this bitch, I'm rapping in this bitch
Running the game, yeah I've been lappin' in this bitch
You know it's alright
Fuck around and they all might
Look at a brother different, I've been at it all night
I think I said it but I know I'm doing this for everybody going through it
by Logic0228 November 12, 2019
The act of switching male partners between vaginal and anal sex without the female noticing.
I pulled out of Nikki last night whilst doing doggy and you slipped into her arse, without her realising it wasn’t me!
Yeah! We were so postmanning that hoe!
by King Crumb & Stains November 7, 2020
the sexual act of anal sex followed by writting all the vital shipping information on the girls ass, slapping a stamp on it and walking out
i felt whiskey dick commin on so i pulled the postman and called it a night.
by tucsontony October 21, 2004
Drug dealer who is posted up on the corner, selling drugs.
"I'm Mr. Postman" - Juelz Santana
"Posted on the corner like a Lightpole." - Young Jeezy
by cashen August 25, 2006
A male who has has sexual intercourse with a lot of females. Also known as a male slut.
"Man, did you see Jay with those girls last night? He's a straight postman"
by Jay Darrow October 26, 2006