F*cking someone for so hard and long that all moisture is lost.
Damn, he was gluing me real good last night!”
by NMBG February 23, 2018
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Extremely high to the point your stuck and can't move.
I was smoking at the beach with Juan and we was glued to the bench.
by GlowMaann March 21, 2020
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Acronym for Guys Like Us. GLU is a gay asian, and friends, social group in San Diego, CA. There are some 200+ active members, with a mailing list that exceeds 500. GLU . Active MySpace page.

GLU serves both a social and a charatable purpose for its members. GLU is usually a top 10 team for AIDSWALK San Diego fundraising. GLU collects canned goods and other staples in front of supermarkets once a month, for Mama's Pantry. Creaters of GLU juice, a wicked strong drink served at most functions.
I'm going t the GLU Board meeting

There's a GLU pool party in August, it's a fundraiser for AIDSWalk.

"Hey there's a guy we don't know, let's GLU him" A verb, meaning to introduce him to the group.
by Sylvester Clemente July 21, 2009
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A glued on, much like a strap on, but instead of velcro to adhere the dildo on, it is used with an adhesive glue solution, such as gorilla glue, hot glue, or Elmers glue.
squidward: "hey did you see amy's glued on last night"
Postman: "yeah she fucked me so good"
by postman squidward August 16, 2016
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Yet another term designating a high level of inebriation (drunkenness).
"Damn, after drinking that fifth with Grotee, Frank was really glued!"
by Frank Klaune March 16, 2004
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To have someone (a male), orgasm (aka: cum) on your face, in a similar manner to a facial. Gluing is not necessarily limited to the face, this is merely the most common context in which the expression has been found.
Much to Mary's chagrin, her boyfriend pulled out at the very end of a blowjob (as if suggesting her was going to tea bag her), and glued her face instead.
by k@nd33 A55 February 2, 2005
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hey wussup with that girl you were talkin to earlier?
oh her? nah man, that chick is hella glued.
by fuckenAnthony January 30, 2011
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