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1) A bumbling, stupid, inept person.
2) A confusing mess; a conundrum; any chaotic situation
3) A person of low intelligence who gets himself into a comical quandary.
"Frank just took off for the store and forgot his wallet again. What a chucklefuck!"

"When the storm hit in the middle of the parade, the whole festival became one big chucklefuck."

"That chucklefuck Frank got drunk and drank from that shampoo bottle."
by Frank Klaune November 06, 2003

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(n) Any of the ubiquitous, huge, outrageously obnoxious soft drink containers sold in convenience stores. They get larger each year and before long, some nut will weld a crash-bar to a 55 gallon drum, walk into a Kum-n-Go and expect a 59 cent refill. The bladder buster has gotten so large that no vehicle's cup holder can hold them. When you urinate after drinking one, the fire department's hazmat team is summoned and the EPA files an incident report.
Damn, Frank filled his bladder buster at the truck stop and then we had to stop every 20 minutes of the trip so he could squirt the dirt.
by Frank Klaune February 02, 2005

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Beneath contempt. Worthless. The term is usually used to describe a contemptably dishonest person.
You told me you were going to take care of that but you obviously didn't, you lying sack of shit!
by Frank Klaune January 21, 2005

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Aside from the relatively obvious use of the phrase (to designate defecation), "take a shit" as a phrase can apply to mechanical devices. An apparatus which wears out or breaks down at a very inconvenient time can be said to "take a shit".
"I told Frank to fix those worn lifters on his car engine but he didn't listen to me. Then when he went on vacation he was crossing the rockies when it took a shit on him. It ruined his vacation."
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004

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Widely-acclaimed anonymous author of infamous wit and wisdom written on the stalls and walls of many bathrooms. The "Shithouse Poet" is believed to actually be a number of different individuals acting in nearly every state of the United States. Much to the chagrin of janitors, the Shithouse Poet leaves his nuggets (pardon the pun) of wit and wisdom in the form of well-crafted prose and poetry through various means in batrhooms throughout the U.S.A.
Some examples:

"They scrub these walls to stop my pen,
but the Shithouse Poet strikes again.
The erased words are all my life.
I'll next engrave them with my knife."


"Here I sat all broken hearted.
Tried to shat, but only farted.
So today I took a chance.
Now I say I shit my pants.
Tomorrow I decide my fate.
I'll borrow a quart of Kaopectate."
by Frank Klaune January 22, 2005

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An extremely sick, disgusting joke which is occasionally done in frat houses, public toilets or the home of your enemy. The "Cleveland Rewind" consists of un-hinging a toilet paper roll from it's holder, pull out a considerable portion of the paper, and very carefully wipe one's ass on the portion in the middle, then "rewinding " the roll back, and replacing it into the dispenser. Thus, a subsequent patron gets shit on their fingers. The "Cleveland Rewind" supposedly gets its name from the equally disgusting "Cleveland Steamer" term.
Man, some asshole did a Cleveland Rewind on me and I got a handful when I was trying to wipe!
by Frank Klaune November 20, 2004

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Humorous euphemism used to explain the (how shall we say this nicely...) ritualistic non-surgical dislocation of the head from the torso. It's becoming a useful term when attempting to relate to the antics of certain deranged individuals in the mideast who are mired in 9th century mentality.
(person 1)"Did you hear about those hostages in Iraq? Can you believe they..."

(person 2 interrupts) "..yeah I heard... they got the islamic Haircut."

(person 1 shaking head in disbelief)"I thought that was the great peaceful religion...."
by Frank Klaune July 07, 2006

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