Jason: that girl Kayla is such a hottie. I can turn her straight

William: dude, she’s a lesbian, respect that.
by definitely not gay totally October 23, 2019
NOT something for men to sexualise.
Man 1: “I saw some hot shit at the mall today”
Man2: “what?”
Man1: “lesbian bro, they where defo doing it for me to watch”
by Grey_2212 February 5, 2021
A woman who is attracted to other women only
Person: Hey, I’m a lesbian
Straight girl: Oh...you don’t have a crush on me or anything, right?
Person: No, Emily, I don’t have a crush on your lulu lemon, iced coffee, scrunching wearing ass. I’m a lesbian. That doesn’t mean I don’t have standards.
by arialevon29 August 9, 2020
A woman who loves women and only women.
No, we will not invite you for a threesome.
No, you cannot turn us straight. I dont like dick.
No, we do not all dress like men.
Or in other words me.
Girl: Yes! Shes a lesbian. Really hit the jackpot there.
by lesbiancandy October 27, 2017
A girl who doesn't have feelings for males, but they have feelings for females. Also meaning that they like girls instead of boys.
Shy Guy: *blushes* So.....Um.....Do you wanna go o-out?
Girl: Sorry, I'm a lesbian.
by AnimuGirl January 27, 2017
Similar to a vegetarian, in the fact that they don't eat meat.
Me: Hey did you know Izzy is a lesbian?
Friend: Really?
Me: Yeah.
by ShrekIsLiveLaughLove February 19, 2020