Contraction of the greeting "What's up?" which is a contraction of "What is up?" If you're really pressed for time, greet someone with a "sup"?. In any case, the greeter is rhetorically asking you what is going on in your life. Roughly synonymous with hello but less hip.
Hipster1: Wussup?
Hipster2: Nuttin'.
Hipster1: Word.
Hipster2: Word is bond.
by Edward January 6, 2004
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The squished together slang word "wassup," also known as (wussup, wassssssssssssssup, wosssssssssssssup) and others originally stemming from the words " what is up " either meaning (how are you), (what are you doing) or even both at the same time.

Time went by, and the expression "what is up" became too long to say, type and text for the average lazy person. Therefore wassssssssup was invented.

Following this point, budweiser took this idea and made it their international slogan used on adverts, said by various strange frog people.

WASSSSSSSSSUP was then the word of the world and everyone, wherever they were, whether in an igloo in iceland, or in a whole in tikrit, (iraq), or in a cave in afghanistan, or even in some shitty trailer park in America, or Buckingham palace everyone could say "wassssssssup" without necesarilly understanding it.
daniel: " wassssssssssssssssssssup?"
alex: " not much, you?"
by jimmeny cricket January 6, 2004
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It's long for 'sup.

Also part of the Buddweiser commercial fad.
- Wassup dawg?!
- Yo dawg, 'sup?
by zorpidus January 7, 2004
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Short phrase uttered as introduction. Usually directed towards individuals one knows, however can be used obligatorily for complete strangers in passing.

'Wussup' can also be stated non-verbally in the form of a short, verticle head jerk upward.
Joe: "Wussup"
Jane: "Whatever, don't bring that lame ass game over here."
by savrx January 7, 2004
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1. What is up; greeting, not necessarilyy requiring a response.
2. What is up; how are you? Respond with "fine" or another state.
by Andre January 8, 2004
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A greeting used by members of church groups and other socially dysfunctional people in a sad attempt to appear "cool".
Person 1: "Hey! Wussup?"
Person 2: "Fuckwit"
by MF January 8, 2004
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a common term used when u wish to view the sky.
yo me hommie, wassup? ....... the sky.
by dan January 7, 2004
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